Bib shorts or shorts suggestion for investing

Deko titan cycling bib shorts with progel pad

I am looking to make a small investment so I can buy a small nice cycling gear for the road bike that fit me later on. Things I need, I need some cycling short or bib shorts it’s winter so I am not sure which. Maybe a jersey eventually for snacks and things should I get the short sleeve with warmers or a long sleeve then buy another for spring/summer. Continue reading “Bib shorts or shorts suggestion for investing”

Dekosports involves in Elite sports expo

custome cycling wear

Custom cycling wear brand

We are at Elite sports expo….
DEKO Sports International is an England-based company founded in 2016 by its founder Mr M. Rizwan. The company started its first manufacturing from Pakistan. In 1996 and achieved a good market of cycling apparels and gloves in a short span. Mr Rizwan struggled a lot to expand the company business to other countries of the world. Now DEKO brand cycling apparels/gloves are being distributed in different countries. Like Italy, Germany, Costa-Rica, Chile, South Africa, USA, and Australia. Continue reading “Dekosports involves in Elite sports expo”

Cycling at night with reflective clothing or hi vis clothing

deko sports

I like winter cycling that gives us relaxation especially at night or as the sun leaves us pretty early. My cycling night clothes and reflective gear bring confidence for the night ride to less busy roads. There are only difficulties in cycling for a night to not wear right clothes for a ride. If you desire to save always use reflective clothing or fluorescent colors. Wearing light color’s or blacks at night put some personality off cycling.When I ride during a day I also not able to see other riders until I get close because the not have exact color warning according to weather and blended.

Avoid black jersey

You must have to wear something reflective and visible Instead of black colors.

Front light will let others see you are coming and prevent accidents such as being doored by motorists getting out of their parked cars because the most likely cannot see you.

Reflective clothing
Wind and water resistance vest

Sometimes you just want to take on your ride a little extra protection from the wind and rain, this is where the Europa gilt fits perfectly into your wardrobe. While a gilt or wind vest is never going to give the same protection as a jacket they are ideal when you just need something to fend off a wind chill or a light shower. The front and sides of the jacket is a made with a durable wind and water resistant fabric while the rear of the gilt is a breathable polyester. The vest is fully lined, has a waist draw cord and rear zipped pocket. Colored in black with reflective strips to the chest and rear pocket this gilt offers fantastic value for money.

Reflective clothing

In traffic, hi-viz and reflective clothing can make as much of a difference to rider visibility as lights do. Consider this when buying your winter cycling kit and, with modern reflective materials, don’t think that reflective has to mean gaudy or UN stylish. As with lights, reflective material on moving parts of your body is most effective. Look for tights and overshoes with reflective piping, decals or panels. Don’t forget your hands as, unless these are visible, other road users won’t be able to see your signals. Choose reflective gloves or opt for some reflective wristbands.

Hi vis cycling gloves
Hi vis cycling gloves

Side visibility with reflectors

You need to be visible from the side as well as from the front and back. Many bike lights do not meet the legal requirement of 110-degree visibility so it is important that you address this issue with additional lights if necessary. Again, movement equals visibility, so, spoke lights and reflectors and reflective overshoes are good ideas. A group of cyclists is more visible than a single rider; motivate some of your friends to join your ride with cycling at night clothing.IN the dark or low light require hi-vis jersey, jacket, gloves.

In summer

Wear reflective cycling vest or bike reflectors for more visibility. By law, you also need to have front and ankle reflectors.

Custom cycling clothing UK

custom cycling clothing

DEKO SPORTS is introducing custom cycling clothing in fluorescent colors in dye sublimation in 4-color or 8-color configuration with CMYK. Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Orange, Violet, Fluorescent Pink and Yellow inks that offer a wide gamut of incredible results. Fluorescent inks are very popular in these days for sports outfits. The fluorescent pink and yellow inks deliver bright neon colors which are highly desirable in the cycling and running wear market. The fluorescent inks reach beyond the traditional color range of magenta and yellow inks enabling the reproduction of intensely vivid colors. Fluorescent adds color and dynamism to cycling wear. Continue reading “Custom cycling clothing UK”

Customized winter cycling clothes

Cycling clothes

Weather is cold, warm or warmest, sometimes you going to wet, but continuing to cycling for your health benefits. Regular cycling over the winter builds you for spring when the sportive or racing season start. Winter season is tough for riding. But warm clothing, fluorescent colors, winter gloves make your winter ride warm. Cycling ride for your heart, health matters. Cycling is also for extra confidence to tackle the busy road of UK . Winter and spring are all about improving your fitness, autumn having shorter and colder days.

Continue reading “Customized winter cycling clothes”

winter gloves for men and women

DekoTouchscreen gloves

Best winter gloves are difficult to find that give you windproof gloves, waterproof gloves features along touchscreen gloves features.  UK people prefer thermal gloves to protect their self from snow falls that are giving those warmest features. If you wondering where to find warmest winter gloves. Here is little suggestion that Deko overcomes women winter gloves, men’s winter gloves go to the shop for purchase of gloves in affordable price. Continue reading “winter gloves for men and women”