DEKO INCAS 3D Cool max Flat Seams Antibacterial GEL Pad Cycling Bib Shorts


We believe that INCAS Bib Shorts are the best value on the market today”. After taking extensive advice from road and touring cyclists we can safely assure you the shorts cover every practical aspect for quality and comfort while still remaining stylish and affordable. The ergonomic panels of the shorts are coloured in black, with charcoal side panels and a mesh vented black upper back and straps.


INCAS Bib Shorts use fast wicking two way stretch Italian XpandX fabric with flat stitched seams on the outer leg panels and straps for better comfort and performance. Because even flat seams sometimes can rub you up the wrong way where feasible. They have been thoughtfully positioned away from potential chafing areas. The back and shoulder straps of the bib use an XpandX mesh fabric that increases ventilation enabling sweat to wick even faster. The legs have a silicone grip strip to prevent excess movement during your ride.

The pad is a “3D Pro Stretch GEL Chamois” anatomically designed for longer rides and produced in Italy for Deko Sports. Using dual-layered gel foam on a two way stretch. Multi-density profile which stands at an impressive 15mm thick at the sit bones will give you comfort. Freedom of movement where you need it. The 3D antibacterial pad with its contours and hydrophilic properties will give a cooler. More comfortable ride because the deep moulded channels will efficiently disperse any excess moisture.

Key Features of bib shorts

Italian XpandX two way stretch fast wicking fabric.
Flat seams stitching.
Vented mesh on straps.
3D Antibacterial GEL Pad.Silicone gripper at hem

DEKO GEL Padded Summer Cycling/Bicycle Gloves With Snug Fitting and Anti Slip Silicone Printing

Summer gloves (DK-GELX)

Got a passion for fashion, but still want to feel cool like you’re going to be well protected especially when you’re riding round the UK city.

Summer cycling gloves by some rider considered being an optional fashion accessory and cyclists look more comfort and professionals. Cycling Gloves also have benefit even for casual riders that improve the overall riding experience. Gloves are considered as comfort and as well as comfort accessories /item.

Three main reasons for cyclists, cycling gloves should be a part of every gear kit.


DK GELX padding and extra protective layer of gloves reduces greatly blister vibrations, abrasions, and the chance of skin irritations forming. Cycling gloves also protect and comfort cyclists hands the constant pressure, Friction and vibration on palms and fingers can lead to calluses blister and genera; discomfort. Cyclists are less likely to experience (DK-GELX) with padded gloves.

The padding on half finger cycling gloves absorbs most of the impact so the ride will feel smoother.

Most cyclist professional face the falls during cycling ride cycling gloves able to absorb the shock and protect their wrist and palm skin from damage and discomfort.

Take it from us picking gravel out of your palms and encountering a “surgical scrubbing brush” in a hospital is best and easily avoided wear gloves!

UK is concerned about keeping the sun off the backs of their hands While few gloves of are formally UPF rated all except the mesh backed versions are naturally high sun protection.


Mostly try to use a few different size of cycling gloves if they’re too small or too big your hands during riding slide around negative the benefit of added padded and grip. Cycling gloves grip on the handlebars this will be difficult when hands become sweaty in a long ride. Glove material provides a better grip than bare hands and wicks away sweat. It also makes a stable and smooth ride.


Either there is summer or winter gloves but that doesn’t mean there is any harm and not protecting you in any occasional fall or temperature, you must have use mitts in summer and full finger gloves or windproof gloves in winter Especially in UK. That keeps your digits toasty in winter help against unpredictable weather.

Online summer Mitts deko sale gloves give you extra comfort without your hand getting sweaty and too hot and give you comfortable ride and grip on handler. Winter full finger cycling gloves more coverage offer security without too bulky. In UK shop for winter and summer deko cycling gloves Brand is deko shop .Winter gloves mostly include fleece linings and insulating materials.

Don’t make any mistake choosing you’re deko cycling gloves. Good pair of cycling gloves will undoubtedly give you a better cycling experience and keep you safe and warm, whether you’re riding miles on paved roads or splashing through mud on the side of a mountain.

“Extra padded deko Cycling gloves boost your confidence as a cyclist because they look cool and more comfortable protect you against environment”

Deko Europa II 3/4 calf length Mountain Bike Shorts

Deko Europa II 3/4 calf length Mountain Bike Shorts
Art #: DKBS-901

Europa MTB calf length ¾ shorts is just packed with features to make life on the trail more comfortable. With a rugged multi panel styling that includes articulated paneled knees for a more ergonomic riding position. The main body of the shorts uses durable abrasion resistant Taslon fabric in combination with a textured two-way stretch fabric on side and crouch panels, zip leg vents and Velcro leg fasteners are close at hand to regulate air flow.
Magnetic fastener on the front pockets plus an internal zip pocket for added security, two large rear pockets with Velcro fastener complete the look. There is a zip fly with stud fastener, the waistband is elasticated at the back with side Velcro adjusters. To ensure a really comfortable fit while on the move there’s an additional four-way stretch XpandX panel just below the rear waistband.


Best key features of Deko baggy shorts

o Rugged Multi Panel Styling.
o Velcro leg fasteners.
o Two Large rear pockets with Velcro fastener.
o Durable Taslan fabric with two-way stretch panels for comfort.
o 4 way Polyester side legs stretch panels.
o Magnetic fasteners on front pockets.
o Front zippered air vent panels for air flow.
o Quick Dry elasticated waist.
o Reflective trims on rear legs.
o 100% Polyester Taslon+4way stretch fabric.
o 2 Front, 1 security and 2 Rear Pockets
o Embroidery logo option
o 3/4 Shorts