Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The Deko Tethys Air Jersey has been re-styled and re-colors for the AIR jersey still has the chic Euro look but it now comes with a restyled longer body, full zip, silicone Grip at the hem and new rear pockets with Zipped phone pocket to give the recreational fit. Whilst the jerseys are a lighter weight summer material they are still perfect in the winter as an extra layer. Continue reading “Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey”

Fitness legging with pocket for women in UK

Dear all reader happy new year of 2017 fabulous things arrived in dekoshop for you! This year is making change. We are motivators of fitness, running, Cycling and sports wears changing careers towards.Me sharing my experience as fitness trainer despite that fitness industry have no magic formula, should not need expensive workout wear buy, need to be a realistic. Continue reading “Fitness legging with pocket for women in UK”

“What should I wear when running?”

We are hearing this question a lot even in summer and winter!

Running wear doesn’t matter your experience and level of running or walking, but having the proper attire is crucial for a great workout experience.

Having the right running clothes is just as important as clothing and accessories for other sports games with comfort and performance. Having right cloth is as important as having the right shoe. It’s created discomfort and negatively effects on your performance of Wearing shirts, shorts or socks made of certain materials. Continue reading ““What should I wear when running?””

Fitness clothing: importance

Fitness clothing might not be considered important when you are planning your workout routine but it is important as bringing water with you.

We are sure you will agree that it is worth spending some time and money selecting the right fitness clothing. Psychological also dedicated fitness apparel for wearing at the gym and during exercise and workout. Selecting the right clothes also increases your confidence and put you in safe zone. Different material has different functions, for performing in right conditions choose the right outfit for the activity you are performing. Continue reading “Fitness clothing: importance”

Right fitness clothing

Before starting Gym You may think that what you wear because you’re going to get sweaty anyway. Why it’s so important to wear appropriate clothing when working out because it can either enhance or hurt your exercise routine.

What to wear or not to wear

Large and baggy Clothing can make it difficult to move freely, catch on equipment get them injured, and limit your mobility that wicks moisture away from your body, evaporates.

Dry-Fit, microfiber, polyester fabric designed to move sweat away for keep you comfortable.I am trying to wear long sleeved tops that cover me from cold wind and pants on morning run to cover my body because I live in UK. It gets really cold here.

Not to wear

Stay away from loose or too big clothing or pair of large T-shirt, sweats and trousers isn’t always the best option for fitness wear. Fabric for fitness and gym wear can be light weight fabric and absorb sweat. Untraceable clothing such as jeans, slacks, dress shirts, boots, flip-flops, jewelry, as well as lotions and heavy perfume or cologne avoided when exercising.

Any clothing that is made of non-breathable material is going to stop the release of heat from your body. Due to excessive heating and discomfort that force you to stop exercise.


Instead of wasting time and energy on fashionable clothes try to spend a fortune on workout gear. Get the right tools and you will be set to focus on your game. The difference between ordinary performances and extraordinary could be the little things like what you wear.

Deko Sports international on cycling clothing

Deko sports are a range of cycling apparel, designed to maximize the Look, Feel and Comfort of the rider. Design is customized by a team of racing cyclists, Deko Sports use only the best quality materials, and sublimation printing.

The brand is the brainchild of two brothers who decided to fuse their passion for cycling and fitness wear.

DEKO SPORTS now offers a custom clothing line to add to our ever growing product range. Continue reading “Deko Sports international on cycling clothing”