Rainy Weather in UK with water resistant jackets and light showerproof

Outdoor adventures are much more enjoyable when you’re able to stay dry during unfortunate weather with Water resistant jacket.Special in UK weather are going to start more rainy at the end of May.

The waterproof/Water resistant jacket protects you from unexpected rain and harsh winds so you won’t have to cut your trip short. DEKO SOFT Shower proof wind resistant and breathable cycling running wind jacket with stuff sack protect you from unexpected rain and harsh winds so you don’t have to cut your morning or evening cycling ride. Light Weighing in at an average of 6.4oz Large, you’ll hardly notice it stowed away in your pack or clipped to your harness.

There is no piece of outdoor gear provide total moisture protection. There is no trends of eight weight rain jacket that are providing you afford able price. All these built in laminate layer or coating that mostly blocks moisture under most condition. But aren’t completely waterproof under extended exposure.

If a jacket is waterproof, it is also windproof by default. But it is possible for a jacket to be windproof and only water resistant.

Water resistant jacket

Water resistant jacket is more breathable, the water resistant jacket is not completely waterproof in steady or wind-blown rain. If their treatments remain intact and strong this also encourages water or bead up on the surface of the material and will keep it from seeping.



If you are planning a cycling make sure when you lean forward to reach for the handlebars.

Elasticated Cuff

That the cuffs don’t ride up as well shoulders are losing. If you will wear layers underneath size of rain jacket is a looser fit, a loose fit provide more ventilation.


A light weight rain jacket has determining factor due to its pack ability. Sometime light weight jacket possess similar functionality as a heavier one soft and DEKO POCKET jackets are examples.



  • Light weight super SOFT wind resistant fabric.
  • Front full length zip with reflective trim.
  • Built in stuff sack.
  • Breathable super fine mesh on side and back panels.
  • Reflective trim on side panel.
  • Elasticated cuff.

Deko present’s a new very light weight and wind resistance jacket. Light weight jacket keeps the chill off until you are warmed up and ready to ditch a layer. You will be glad to know about its pack ability. It stuffs into its own build in stuff sack in no time and once in barely takes up half a jersey pocket. It’s a really tiny, super light, and less than 150g.

cycling running wind jacket

The sleeves of the jacket are a good length and back of the jacket is slightly dropped for better coverage in a race position. Vented side and back mesh panels of jacket allow to excess heat to escape, if you don’t want to take the wind jacket off. Front full zip reflective trim makes you visible from up to 600m. Brand woven tape on inner storm flap protects to get stuck between zipper. This wind jacket is indeed a great choice for everyone who want to ride or run in chill weather.


Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The Deko Tethys Air Jersey has been re-styled and re-colors for the AIR jersey still has the chic Euro look but it now comes with a restyled longer body, full zip, silicone Grip at the hem and new rear pockets with Zipped phone pocket to give the recreational fit. Whilst the jerseys are a lighter weight summer material they are still perfect in the winter as an extra layer. Continue reading “Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey”

Running tight for sale men and women

Running tights offer designed compression and warmth to your body muscles running in closer and summer conditions. We almost like to wear a three-quarter and full-length version of tight. A pair of tights material makes difference in all-weather wet conditions, summer, and autumn seasons. Use material tight according to a temperature selected.

Need extra compression and coverage and to make you warm in winter motivate your struggling and reduce you suffering muscle of injury. Continue reading “Running tight for sale men and women”

Running Shorts under Running Tights –Winter Running

Everything is only discussed with friends without any hesitations so, we want listen your all views and requirements related to running tights and cycling wears as creating the friendly relations.

Here is my experience when I start running with shorts in a snowstorm of winter temperature was almost 13 degrees Fahrenheit after that it going to 11F.The road and sidewalks were completely snow covered but I also have incredibly confidence and fun run. Continue reading “Running Shorts under Running Tights –Winter Running”

“What should I wear when running?”

We are hearing this question a lot even in summer and winter!

Running wear doesn’t matter your experience and level of running or walking, but having the proper attire is crucial for a great workout experience.

Having the right running clothes is just as important as clothing and accessories for other sports games with comfort and performance. Having right cloth is as important as having the right shoe. It’s created discomfort and negatively effects on your performance of Wearing shirts, shorts or socks made of certain materials. Continue reading ““What should I wear when running?””

Deko Sports international on cycling clothing

Deko sports are a range of cycling apparel, designed to maximize the Look, Feel and Comfort of the rider. Design is customized by a team of racing cyclists, Deko Sports use only the best quality materials, and sublimation printing.

The brand is the brainchild of two brothers who decided to fuse their passion for cycling and fitness wear.

DEKO SPORTS now offers a custom clothing line to add to our ever growing product range. Continue reading “Deko Sports international on cycling clothing”