Specialized in women cycling clothing

I am middle age women and not ride on the bicycle that’s not I not like sweat. Sadly, The reason I don’t cycling is because my community where I live not provide an environment for safe cycling. I don’t feel safe doing it. This is a true shame. On my side of the street there are no bike lanes or sidewalk in which I ride and people argue me, well then you not have to live there if walking and biking is more important to you. Sometimes I feel punished because I can’t do my part for the environment by leaving the car and using pedals or feet to running, general safety to be the number one factor as a reason they don’t bike.

New York Times reported in a recent study from New York, Less than 25% present bike are taken by women cycling and which is dropping.

When I started to get serious about cycling, I became increasingly frustrated by how difficult it was to find great clothes.

Working for women cycling ride

Dekosports observed in UK (London) less than 20 % women’s on cycling clothing but in the weekend when traffic slowed it goes to40% women cycling the UK at the same spot, In the parks there are only women in  cycling clothing.

In 2017 we are decided to work on women cycling clothes in an endless range of her cycling apparels. In a minimum cost so women have own money to buy cycling clothing. We are not size 14-16 but as like men XXL cycling jersey. Providing the guide to choosing the right clothing and gear for women cyclist even ride in different weather conditions.

We adding more feminine feel in respect of color and shape in ladies cycling clothing we ensure for your comfort and confidence while riding in specialized women clothing in all type of weather conditions. The inflexible price that suit on every household women and a single woman.

Women cycling jersey

Women cycling gear most important gear is cycling jersey that is more than a t-shirt. Have pockets in all the right places for women riding, you can get long sleeve or short sleeve suit on seasons. Mountain bike jersey cut designed are different than road jersey. Use base layer or  warmness in cold weather and sweat quickly absorb. Arm warmers are also great with your short sleeve jersey in autumn.

ladies size chat of cycling clothing

Feature of specialized women cycling jersey

  • Multiple Pockets – Usually three at the back for stashing warmers, gels and bars and spare tubes
  • Full-length zip – gives you plenty of adjustable venting
  • Zipper garage – so the zip doesn’t rub under your chin
  • Mesh panels – under arms and at back (improve airflow to keep cool and wick sweat faster
  • Elasticated waist/silicone hem – stop the jersey riding up and revealing your lower back
  • Reflective stripes – improve visibility, ideal for commuting
  • Zippered pockets – better suited for mountain biking
  • Media port – great for listening to music off the bike, we don’t recommend listening when cycling
  • Waterproof pocket – ideal for the smartphone
  • Sun protection – to help shield you from the sun

In summary review of women cycling clothes

Dekosports noticed the shortage of cycling apparel available for women. simply want to inspire woman by developing a range of women cycling clothe that motivate to perform on the bike.

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