DEKO INCAS 3D Cool max Flat Seams Antibacterial GEL Pad Cycling Bib Shorts

We believe that INCAS Bib Shorts are the best value on the market today”. After taking extensive advice from road and touring cyclists we can safely assure you the shorts cover every practical aspect for quality and comfort while still remaining stylish and affordable. The ergonomic panels of the shorts are coloured in black, with charcoal side panels and a mesh vented black upper back and straps.


INCAS Bib Shorts use fast wicking two way stretch Italian XpandX fabric with flat stitched seams on the outer leg panels and straps for better comfort and performance. Because even flat seams sometimes can rub you up the wrong way where feasible. They have been thoughtfully positioned away from potential chafing areas. The back and shoulder straps of the bib use an XpandX mesh fabric that increases ventilation enabling sweat to wick even faster. The legs have a silicone grip strip to prevent excess movement during your ride.

The pad is a “3D Pro Stretch GEL Chamois” anatomically designed for longer rides and produced in Italy for Deko Sports. Using dual-layered gel foam on a two way stretch. Multi-density profile which stands at an impressive 15mm thick at the sit bones will give you comfort. Freedom of movement where you need it. The 3D antibacterial pad with its contours and hydrophilic properties will give a cooler. More comfortable ride because the deep moulded channels will efficiently disperse any excess moisture.

Key Features of bib shorts

Italian XpandX two way stretch fast wicking fabric.
Flat seams stitching.
Vented mesh on straps.
3D Antibacterial GEL Pad.Silicone gripper at hem

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