Men mountain bike baggy shorts in Black Red Green Blue also as MTB Cycling Shorts


What are the leg vents in MTB Shorts? are they slits which you can see your leg through? Any good for walking as well as cycling?
Leg vents are mesh under a sown in flap, a bit like gills!! and no you cant see your legs through them. As for walking, I guess so. Maybe a little too nylon for that, but they do have a fabric gusset on the inside of the thighs. Hope that helps. Continue reading “Men mountain bike baggy shorts in Black Red Green Blue also as MTB Cycling Shorts”

social ride , night at out cyclist-friendly in Deko clothing

custom cycling clothing

Group Rides

Social ride or group rides are another way for cyclists to engage. There are many different types of group rides, from early-morning long rides, for exercise or training, to evening social rides, where riders play games and prepare for a night out at cyclist-friendly venues.

Large social rides are often free. They are extremely beneficial to the cohesion of the community because every cyclist demographic is usually represented. They are safest when they respect the laws with regard to stopping at red lights and yielding at stop signs. This is a huge testament to the ride organizers, some of whom are very adamant about rule-following. Some rides have been more antisocial, but in general, ride-organizers are able to tame the herd mentality that some rides suffer from. Continue reading “social ride , night at out cyclist-friendly in Deko clothing”

Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The Deko Tethys Air Jersey has been re-styled and re-colors for the AIR jersey still has the chic Euro look but it now comes with a restyled longer body, full zip, silicone Grip at the hem and new rear pockets with Zipped phone pocket to give the recreational fit. Whilst the jerseys are a lighter weight summer material they are still perfect in the winter as an extra layer. Continue reading “Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey”

Hi-Vis Leader Winter Cycling Jackets


New cycle safety hi-vis jackets draws clever inspiration

Safe cycling in UK

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised when a lorry gave me the maximum amount of clearance on the road. The driver opted to safely overtake almost entirely in the opposite lane of traffic. It was nice to be spared that horrible loud noise and sensation that you get from inconsiderate drivers. A new jacket by High Visibility may be the solution to having more pleasant experiences like this one. Continue reading “Hi-Vis Leader Winter Cycling Jackets”

High visibility clothing for night road

High visibility water proof clothing

Being visible on the roads is an important safety feature.  And it reduces the validity of a driver’s defense of “I’m sorry, with high visibility clothing

Materials suitable and how to do we work on them?

Products may be described as being fluorescent or reflective (or both).  Fluorescent materials convert invisible UV light into visible light, therefore, making objects stand out.  Reflective materials (such as Scotch lite and reflective material) use a technology known as retro reflection.  Retro reflection occurs when light rays are return in the direction from which they came (e.g. light from a car’s headlights would reflect back from the Scotch lite Reflective Materials making the strips shine brightly in the dark).
The most visible products are typically yellow (rather than orange) with bands of 3M’s Scotch lite ™ Reflective material.   At night the bands are what reflect the car head lights whilst in daylight the yellow color is what is most visible.   For maximum protection, buy a product that combines both fluorescent materials and reflective materials.
There are a limited number of fully compliant, reflective tape manufacturers on the market. The big three are 3M, (supplied for example also for use on life jackets). These are the preferred choice of the emergency services and such, have proven manufacturing and performance criteria.

Hi vis cycling gloves
Hi vs cycling gloves


There are two European Standards applicable to high visibility garments:
EN471 – aimed at professional users, Emergency services, Highway maintenance and air-side airport staff.EN1150 – for non-professional use, jogging, cycling or other traffic related interaction.
All compliance garments must be marked with CE and the relevant standard.
In relation to the EN471:2003 stander there are 3 classes of garment type based on the levels on conspicuous they provide.  On all garments, the retro-reflective tape must not be less than 50mm wide.  Each of the standards effectively indicates the minimum surface area’s of both background material and retro-reflective material that is visible, for a given person height.  Note that the only approved colors are yellow and orange.
High visibility clothing garments conforming to these two standards are capable of signalling the user’s presence visually and intend to provide conspicuous for the user in situations under any light condition, both by day and under illumination by vehicle headlights in the dark.  And finally, you may also see the EN13356 standard which is for accessories for non-standard use (for example for armbands, stickers etc). Generally – the products advertised for cyclists tend to be EN471 CLASS2 products.

High visibility clothing products

The range or products available includes jackets, cycling gloves, cycling jersey, waistcoats, trousers, helmet covers, Sam Browne belts, rucksack covers, bum bags, arm bands and leg bands and much more.  There are a huge number of companies selling products.

custom cycling clothing
Fluorescent color in cycling wear

And for the law about being visible on the roads…
And as for the law about seen on the roads – check out the Highway Code.  The Highway Code rules apply to all road users: drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians as well as horse riders.

Baggy shorts casual fit


Many people like and had to purchase tight-fitting Lycra shorts for cycling. But some cyclist not feel comfort in more fitting, For modest cyclist new type of cycling shorts introduced called baggy shorts, offering the casual fit  and earth tones of hiking and walking shorts, baggy shorts is a alternative of lycra shorts ,especially for mountain bikers ,tourists and commuters who  spend as much time off the bike as on.

Baggy shorts are also called double shorts because they are padded and brief inside. They are really high function pedaling short or pedaling pants with more comfort to spare on the inside.

Deko baggy retail price points from$20 to $25 depending on fabric,features and construction.

Technical features of baggy shorts:


Baggies have different type of lining that are in Lycra shorts. It is some time 8 panel padded bike shorts with leg grippers. Some time we produced baggy shorts with removable detachable liner so it can be adjustable either leg gripper. Mostly we are using mesh or a technical fabric that wicks moisture and breathable.


Liners typically include pads (sometimes called a chamois too. This is sewn into the crotch of the shorts to add a little softness, eliminate chafing, wick moisture and prevent bacteria growth. The way that the pad is sewn into the liner varies substantially among manufacturers. So, when looking at baggies, make sure the pad adds comfort and doesn’t bunch or chafe. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, it’s probably not right for your anatomy and you should try on a different short.

Crotch Gusset

most technical baggies have a gusseted crotch to eliminate seams that may snag as you move forward and back on the seat. This gusseted panel is usually made of a Cordura nylon or stretch Spandura nylon for added durability and ease of movement.


Waistbands vary substantially. Most have a drawstring or belt to keep the baggy from slipping down when you’re in your riding position. You’ll also find stretch Spandura or Lycra panels in the backs of the shorts at the waistbands, too, to allow the short to move with you without binding or slipping down.

Adjust ability

the more technical baggies allow adjusting the legs, which prevents the pants from catching air, branches, etc. Stretch panels in the legs or the gusseted crotch panel allow the legs to fit snugly without binding.


Pocket design has a lot to do with the style of the baggy, so pick one that offers the look you prefer. Pockets come in handy, too, for securing car keys and cash while riding. Pocket closures include Velcro, zippers, buttons or flaps.


There are baggies with flies and those without. Which is best is up to you. A fly adds convenience for men but many riders do fine without.


look at the sewing and construction to gauge how well the shorts will hold up to the wear and tear of regular use. See if there are bar-tac reinforcements (horizontal stitching) at pockets and seams that take a lot of stress. Make sure the seams are sewn well to take the abuse of riding through branches and brush.


Remember about mountain baggy shorts

That cycling shorts are made to be worn without underwear. The pad inside the shorts fights bacteria so the shorts are actually more sanitary when worn alone. Equally important, when you wear underwear with your cycling shorts, you end up sitting on the seams in the underwear, which can cause numbness, chafing and pain — the very things the baggy is trying to eliminate! And, the extra clothing prevents the baggie’s cooling features from working, which means you’re hotter and sweatier.

When you come in to try on shorts, be sure to assume the cycling position, too, so you can feel how the different baggies will fit when you’re on the bike. If you have any questions at all, be sure to ask!