Best Running Kit: Guide for running gear 2016-2017

Don’t despair in winter running!

In cold weather running will be much easier and more fun when you put this awesome technical winter running gear on you could ever imagine. Gear up for outdoor winter workout in perfectly crisp fall days.

There are a couple of questions .

How warn do you in your running?

Will you like to wear jacket?

You prefer round neck, full zip or ½ zips?

Here are our best designed picks keep you happy, warm running in the winter. Continue reading “Best Running Kit: Guide for running gear 2016-2017”

Material selections for cycling jersey

Cycling is perfect to stay green & lower the air pollution has health benefit, positive externalize it’s a magic sports that provide you good mood, workout it’s getting extremely popular even in developed and undeveloped countries.

For more motivations arcane we prefer bicycle than vehicles this will lead to positive environmental and economic effects in the world nothing is having better than a cleaner earth. I think cycling should be something us UK do more just by reading how much healthier a person is by riding a bicycle. Continue reading “Material selections for cycling jersey”

Which functions cycling jersey have?


Always serious athlete rider feel hesitation before choosing any jersey because it’s not giving them best fits and movement during ride, for performance other one rider fined comfort only in jersey.

The Fabric mostly used cool max, wick way polyester or hydrophobic materials, synthetic fabric mostly used for fitness activity, all these material also prevent exposure to UV rays. Cotton is not found in cycling its heavy and warm.

Functional styling jersey

Cut for the cycling position, cycling jersey sleeve has an extra length in back and cut in front special sleeves. Back of cycle jersey is longer than the front of a bike jersey shorter, hem of bike jersey has elastic or gripper on

the bottom for make sure hem hold jersey in place is not flapping in the wind.

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What I carry in cycling back jersey pockets

Traditional cycling jersey having three and more pockets on back, incredibly useful for store a spare tube, keys, credit cards or few cash in your backpack and easier to reach even you are riding outside commute .Waterproof zip and pocket in cycling jersey is also used in winter or summer for perfectly storing a phone or I POD also.

If you rind in winter or in summer or even in up hills or down hills you will notice rear pocket access, There is lot of things for stuffing in pocket .It’s tough to stuff all the required things into the pocket. Every pathetic or road biker feel confusing before stuff the things and leave some important things. Continue reading “What I carry in cycling back jersey pockets”

Shorts over Running Tights –Winter Running

Running tights

Everything is only discussed with friends without any hesitations so, we want listen your all views and requirements related to running tights and cycling wears as creating the friendly relations.

Here is my experience when I start running with shorts in a snowstorm. Winter temperature was almost 13 degrees Fahrenheit after that it going to 11F. The road and sidewalks were completely snow covered but I also have incredibly confidence and fun run. Continue reading “Shorts over Running Tights –Winter Running”